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C&G Air Force Coveralls is a coverall / two-piece garment

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C&G Air Force Coveralls is a coverall / two-piece garment made of a light and breathable material for protection during flight. Our flight suit is made of C&G inherently fire-resistant aramid and modacrylic blended fabric, thinner and comfortable, while also remaining protection even in hazardous atmospheric conditions. The suit fastens with a front zipper, fully sealed, provide not only in excellent heat resistance but also preventing sharp materials. The suit has many zippered pockets for equipment, tools or gadgets. With this function, it offers the convenience and protect the wearer from injury by thorns and fire. The pilot can be assured of safety and will be confident when they wear C&G Air Force Coveralls.

Air Force Coveralls, Pilot/ Crew suit
In General:
Inherent Fire Resistance, Heat Resistance, Good Color Fastness
Twill or Ripstop, Available in multiple colors
Fully protect wear's upper torso, abdominal region and legs; knit fabric can be sewed on the armpit, crotch or on the back as an option for better stretchability and agility
Mutiple pockets suitable for the pilot; optional cargo pocket with plastic window for instant writing in the flight
Size available from S~XXL


Air Force Coveralls,
Pilot Jumpsuit,
Pilot/ Crew suit,
FR Air Ambulance Suit
Coverall/two-piece Air Force Coveralls. Ergonomic design suitable for the operation for a pilot. Bright colours make pilots more eye-catching and safer. Heavy-duty zipper fastens the front opening, fully protection of the human body. Pleated action back. Elasticated waist and extended arm-pit bellow to maximize mobility and comfort. Reinforced knee padding as an option.


EN ISO 11611
EN ISO 11612
EN 1149-3
EN 16689
EN ISO 15384.


Para-aramid / Meta-aramid / Antistatic or Modacrylic / Cotton
Dope-dyed to get good color fastness


Fabrics are made of Aramid / Modacrylic fiber and Anti-static blended, with oil and water repellent treatment. A flight suit needs to be practical and durable; C&G Air Force Coverallss embody both qualities. Comfort and functionality are also important points to be considered when searching for a flight suit to ensure that you get the best flight experience. Our size offering is from S~ XXL; customized sizes are acceptable. The suit offers practicality with its design features which accommodate all kind of a pilot’s vital equipment.