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German Flight Suits

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When Flying suit ( en: suit also Flight, flight suit ; German language flight suit , aviator suit , flying suit or short flight suit ), the jumpsuit designated or consisting of a uniform piece full body clothing, the pilots and crews of (military) Carry aircraft. In the NATO air force and other armed forces, it is part of the special clothing of flight crews, for example combat aircraft , gliders and helicopters . In the air force of the German armed forces this garment is officially referred to as an air service suit.

The flying suit should primarily protect the wearer of this special clothing from hypothermia, but at the same time be practical (with numerous pockets), useful (flame-retardant), durable, breathable and comfortable (not restrictive). As a rule, badges of rank, sovereign badges and insignia (patches) of the task force concerned are attached to military flight suits.

Notable applications of the flight suit outside of airborne combat units include Close Quarters Battle and Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure . A related item of clothing is the jumpsuit used by parachute associations.

Flying suits made from spun aramid fibers are currently in use for the air force and naval aviation . These materials are lightweight and fire retardant. Because of their fire-retardant properties, these materials are indispensable for protecting against fire for crews of military aircraft. Preferred colors are olive green to desert yellow brown, and flying suits also contain numerous pockets (also waterproof and with cling film) and storage options for essential items of equipment (e.g. emergency radio, life jacket ) through to map materials and your own records, as well as documents relating to the mission or the mission (planned flight route, Mission order etc.). However, the color and cut can vary from country to country depending on the requirements of the application. For example, the U.S. Forces use the standard flying-suit model CWU 27 / P , which is available in sage green and sand colors. Flying suits for civil applications are available on the open market (but made from a cotton-polyester blend), which are often used by aerobatics, helicopter crews, and SAR flying personnel, including flight engineers and medical personnel.

The helicopter squadrons of the state police wear flying suits that are modeled on those of the Bundeswehr.